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Yong Tau Foo

Ingredients needed: 

350gram mackerel 150gram chicken 40 grams of fried salted fish 2 tsp cornstarch ¼ teaspoon ground white pepper Salt 1 cube of anchovy stock500 ml water Spring onion / cilantro adequatelyLady’s fingerRed & green chilly peppers Tomatoes Brinjal Long beans Bean curd Tofu Capsicum Bitter Gourd


1. First prepare the filling. Put the chicken, mackerel, corn flour, pepper, salt and salted fish into the blender. Blend until smooth. 

2. Then slice the brinjal and cut the centre. Insert the filling just like a sandwich. Do the same for okra, bitter gourd, capsicum and tofu. 

3. For long beans, scald briefly in hot water, then twist it into a round shape and pack the filling in the middle. 

4. After that fry with a little bit of oil. Flip it till all parts are cooked. 

5. For bean curd, tear the midsection, flip the skin and insert the filling in the middle and fry with moderate amount of oil. 

6. To prepare the broth, boil the water with the anchovy stock and sprinkle a bit of cilantro if desired. 

7. Yong tau fu is ready to be served together with soy sauce and ketchup (sauce).


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