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Sate Daging Goreng


No.  Item                                 Unit Order   Weight

1 Beef Tenderloin                             0.500    gm

2 Gula Caster (Caster Sugar)         0.075    gm

3 Gula Merah (Brown Sugar)          0.050    gm

4 Madu (Honey)                                0.050    gm

5 Garam (Salt)                                  0.007    gm

6 Ketumbar (Coriander Seed)        0.024    gm

7 Jintan Manis (Fennel Seed)        0.015    gm

8 Serbuk Lada Putih
(White Pepper Powder)                    0.007   gm

9 Bawang Putih (Garlic)                   0.003   gm

10 Halia (Ginger)                               0.007   gm

11 Lengkuas (Galangal)                   0.003   gm

12 Serai (Lemon Grass)                   0.005   gm

13 Kunyit (Turmeric)                         0.003   gm


14 Cili kering (Dry Chilli)                     0.015    gm

15 Bawang Besar (Red Onion )          0.007    gm

16 Bawang Putih (Garlic)                    0.003    gm

17 Serai (Lemon Grass)                      0.002    gm

18 Serbuk Kunyit
(Turmeric Powder)                                0.003   gm

19 Halia (Ginger)                                   0.007   gm

20 Belacan (shrimp paste)                  0.003    gm

21 Serbuk Ketumbar
(Coriander Powder)                              0.008   gm

22 Serbuk Jintan Manis
(Fennel Powder)                                    0.005  gm

23 Kacang Tanah Tumbuk
(Ground Peanut)                                   0.125   gm

24 Air (Water)                                        0.190   gm

25 Cooking Oil                                       0.008   gm

26 Gula Caster (Caster Sugar)            0.050  gm

27 Gula Merah (Brown Sugar)              0.015  gm

28 Salt                                                       0.007  gm



29 Nasi Impit                                  1 pkt

Daun Pisang                                   0.5

30 Timun (cucumber)                    0.050 gm

Methods :


1 Clean the beef tenderloin and cut into strips size

2 Blend the ingredients as stated above (In red) and combine with  other ingredients

3 marinade the beef with the blend item and set aside for couple hours

To cook:

1) Deep fry the item till caramelized and crispy

2) Shallow fry the sate till thicken and caramelized

Sate Sauce

1 Blend all the item in red and set aside

2 add in the blend ingredients in a sauce pot and saute without oil

till a bit dry

3 Add in oil and saute again till fragrant

4 Add in peanuts, water, Brown Sugar, and a bit more oil and stir to

prevent burn

5 cooked on a low heat till everything is dissolved and combine

6 Adjust seasoning with sugar and salt

Served with condiments

Written by iCookAsia

iCookAsia, originally known as "TryMasak' is the first recipe video channel in Malaysia. Since its creation in 2008, TryMasak has grown and evolveed from online recipe sharing website into online media platform for chefs to showcase their talent and for brands to promote their products and services. Currently we have more than 2,000 recipes in video format from Malaysia and other Asian countries.


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