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Durian Crepe

Durian crepe is a type of very thin pancake loaded with creamy durian fillings. Every bite of this scrumptious durian crepe gives off the distinctive odor and bold flavor of durians or known as “King of Fruits” in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Most durian lovers fall in love with this durian dessert on the first bite. With a thin and light layer of crepe made from four combinations of flour (Hong Kong flour, Corn flour, Tapioca flour, Custard flour ) wrapped around soft creamy durian fillings, it’s pure indulgence on a plate.

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Ingredients needed :
Ingredients for filling :
15 g Hong Kong flour15 gHong Kong flour
25 g Corn flour25 gCorn flour
13 g Tapioca flour13 gTapioca flour
8 g custard flour8 gcustard flour
25 g Icing sugar25 gIcing sugar
  A pinch of salts A pinch of salts
15 g Corn oils15 gCorn oils
250 g Water250 gWater
1  tsp Vanilla essence1  tspVanilla essence
6  EggsEggs
1 tsp Yellow colouring1 tspYellow colouring
  Sufficient durian portion (de-seeded ) Sufficient durian portion (de-seeded )
250 g Whipping cream250 gWhipping cream


Here is how its prepared :

1First, mix the whipping cream till it rise then keep in the freezer.

2Next mix all type of flours into a bowl together with salts, icing sugar, eggs, vanilla essence, corn oil, yellow colouring and water. Stir consistently to avoid lumps.

3Heat the frying pan and pour the crepe mixture evenly into the pan to form a thin layer. Let it for a while.

4Then add whipping cream with durian mash onto the middle of the crepe then fold the crepe over the filling. Keep in the freezer before serve.


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