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Mango Passion Roll

Full recipe

Egg 208 grams
Sugar 264 grams
Egg White 130 grams
All Purpose Flour 104 grams


1. Whisk Egg White with Sugar until soft peak.
2. Use a hand whisk to mix well the Egg with Sugar in a bowl until soft peak and pour insifted All Purpose Flour followed by meringue.
3. Spread out the batter on tray with silicon mat.
4. Bake at 200°C in Deck Oven for 9 to 10 minutes.

Mango Passion Filling
Glucose Syrup 14 grams
Passion Fruit Puree 72 grams
Mango Puree 142 grams
Sugar 31 grams

1. Boil Glucose Syrup, Passion Fruit Puree and Mango Puree up to 40°C, pour some BoiledPurees into Sugar with Pectin to mix well.
2. Boil again with all the ingredients to boiling stage.
3. Cool down the sauce until it sets.

Chocolate Cream
Milk Chocolate 93 grams
Dark Chocolate 10 grams
Whipping Cream 253 grams
Glucose Syrup 28 grams

1. Boil Whipping Cream with Glucose Syrup and Lime Zest, then pour into Milk Chocolateand Dark Chocolate to mix well the batter.
2. Leave the Chocolate Cream in a chiller overnight.
3. Whip the Chocolate Cream until soft peak and spread it on the Swiss Roll.

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