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Kalasan Chicken with Chilli Tomato Sambal


1 chicken, cut into 12 portions
100 ml Malaysian Palm Oil Coconut Milk  
400 ml water
2 salam leaves
Salt to taste
Malaysian Palm Oil for frying

Coarsely Blended Ingredients

5 cloves garlic
6cm galangal
4 stalks lemon grass
2cm turmeric


1. Marinate chicken with coconut milk, coarsely blended ingredients and salt for 1 hour.

2. Remove as much marinated coarsely blended ingredients from chicken. Strain it to get marination liquid.

3. Boil chicken, marinating liquid, water and salam leaves.

4. When chicken is done, drain and dry with kitchen towel.

5. Heat oil, fry chicken until golden. Remove and drain well.

6. Fry marinated coarsely blended ingredients until crisp then sprinkle onto fried chicken.

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