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Chicken Briyani Pie

1 chicken thigh                           0.500 kg
2 par boiled basmathi rice          1.000 kg
3 red onion                                     0.5 kg
4 garlic                                            0.2 kg
5. ginger                                          0.2 kg
6. curry powder                              250 gm
7. corriander leaves                        0.1 kg
8. bread flour                                     1 kg
9. whole egg                                     1 nos
10. salt                                          0.10 gm
11. chicken stock powder             0.10 gm
12. kewra water                                 1 btl
14. mace spice                                 1 pkt
15. japanese cucumber                    0.1 kg
16. cherry tomato                              0.1 kg
17. green chili                                    0.1 kg
18. 4 sekawan                                   0.1 kg

Step Cooking :
1. Mix Flour and water till dough formed
2. prepare aromatic water to boil the rice
3. boil and strain the rice
4. saute onion, garlic and ginger till brown and add curry paste
5. add chicken thigh and season
6. sprinkle chopped corriander leaves
7. For the vegetables :dice japanese cucumber,green chili, tomato and corriander leave and place in a bowl.
8. Season with salt and lime juice
9. Assemble the rice with chicken in a bowl with some gravy.Sprinkle chopped corriander leaves and cover with dough.Seal the dough edges with egg wash and brush top with surface of dough with egg wash and place bowl in oven to be baked at 230 degree celcius for 10 min

Written by iCookAsia

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