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6 Ways You Can Enjoy Roti Canai

How do you like it?

One of the top food in Malaysia, the roti canai is a food you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper! Super affordable and incredibly delicious.

Did you know that there are a few ways to eat roti canai?


1. With dhall and curry

A classic way to enjoy roti canai. Eating it this way is definitely a no-brainer as it is how roti canai is usually served. There’s a perfect balance of spice from the curry and dhall.


2. With dhall and sambal

Roti canai with a side of dhall and sambal is usually served in Malay restaurants. This is probably because the sambal gives it more of a kick as compared to the good ol’ curry. Or maybe we’re just addicted to sambal.


3. With chicken soup

Have you ever been in that limbo of being hungry but full at the same time? Well, eating roti canai with soup could be the perfect meal for you. It is a complete meal with protein from the chicken in the soup and carbohydrates from the roti itself.


4. With condensed milk

For all the people who have a sweet tooth, eating roti canai this way is absolutely heavenly. Some people who love to eat roti canai this way will usually heat it up on a pan to make the bread extra crispy.


5. Banjir

Eating roti canai this way sure is delicious. The roti canai is pre cut with dhall and curry poured all over the roti, essentially flooding the roti canai.


6. With sugar

If you find condensed milk too sweet for you, this could be another way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just dip the roti canai in some sugar and enjoy!


Honestly, there are so many other ways you can enjoy roti canai. It serves as such a good bread base to any add ons. Hence the creation of roti telur, roti sardin, roti bawang and many more.

So how do you like to enjoy roti canai?

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