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6 Types Of Laksa You Have To Try – Indonesian style!

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There’s nothing better than indulging in a hearty bowl of noodle soup and as Asians, we tend to crave all that spice. Another favourite, the laksa is a perfect bowl of noodles with a whole lotta kick.

Being in the Southeast Asia region, a few of our neighbouring countries have similar dishes like we do but with their own flare of course! In this article we’re diving into the types of laksa Indonesia has.

1. Laksa Bogor


Think of it as curry laksa, Indonesian style!

Originating from Bogor, West Java (hence the name), Laksa Bogor is very popular in Indonesia. The laksa has a thick yellowish coconut milk based soup with a distinctive nutty flavour from the ‘oncom’, a fermented bean cake that’s similar to tempe.

The soup is poured over rice vermicelli and garnished with shredded chicken and a hard-boiled egg. If you want to add more spice, the Laksa Bogor is also served with a side of sambal cuka (ground chilli in vinegar) which adds a tangy taste.

2. Laksa Betawi

Jakarta’s hidden gem. Laksa Betawi was at its peak back in the 70s and 80s but still remains as one of the most faved laksa in Indonesia.

The presence of the rebon shrimp in the broth gives it a fresh and rich taste.This laksa uses ketupat and noodles. Once the soup is poured in the bowl, top it off with bean sprouts, an egg, fried shallots and dried shrimp.

3. Laksa Banjar

What makes this dish unique is that it uses steamed noodle-like balls that is made from rice flour paste. It’s served with a thick pale yellowy soup that is made from coconut milk, ground spices and snakehead fish broth.

Don’t let the pale broth fool you, the heat sneaks up on you!

4. Laksa Medan

 Look familiar? If you’re not too adventurous in trying new food, why not try the Laksa Medan.

It’s similar to our own Laksa Penang in terms of the ingredients used. The only difference is that instead of using asam jawa, Laksa Medan uses asam gelugur with a little bit of terasi (shrimp paste) and key lime.

5. Laksa Palembang

A breakfast for kings!

Laksa Palembang is usually eaten for breakfast. With the creamy soup, this laksa will definitely give you enough energy to last the day.

Topped with traditional Palembang fishcakes called pempek that adds a chewy texture and prominent taste which perfects the dish even more.

6. Laksa Tangerang

 Another famous dish from West Java, Laksa Tangerang is liked because of the perfect consistency of its soup. Not too thick or too diluted.

This laksa differs from the rest as it uses thicker noodles. Its soup has a rich chicken taste which gives off a hearty flavour.

The dish is often topped with potatoes, an egg, chives and mung beans.

Check out this video featuring the 6 Types of Indonesian Laksa!

All those dishes are definitely making me a little hungry. What are you waiting for? Time to book a flight to Indonesia!

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